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Tokyo Metamorphosis 2009

Photo-Projekt "Tokyo Metamorphosis"
entstanden in Tokyo
zwischen 20. März und 12. April
152x152 mm
20 Ansichten
1. Auflage
20 signierte und nummerierte Ex.

Photography project "Tokyo Metamorphosis"
Artist Photobook,
produced in Tokyo
between March 29 and April 12
152x152 mm
1st edition of 20
signed and numbered

"It is Tokyo's architectural mix
of small, medium and large size houses
that I love.
Whenever I see a gap,
where a house has been demolished,
I feel attracted by the "naked" walls
of the surrounding houses
which define the nothing.

This pause makes me reflect
on age and time and the fact
that since 1992 I am observing
the Tokyo metamorphosis."

A. Riemer, Tokyo, April 2009,
introductory text of photo book


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