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Painting-installation "AR congratulates the BG"
in the auditorium of the Berlinische Galerie

Angelik Riemer created the PROJECT OF a 100 PAINTINGS from 1999 to 2000 in one year´s work as a fluent passage into the new millennium. Each single painting is carrying the possibility to join another: The idea is based on unity and globally and is keeping the chance to realise something new with it responding to the event and the space.

The PROJECT OF a 100 PAINTINGS is hanging in the auditorium of the Berlinische Galerie, around the upper part of the wall.

I took 58 pieces of the PROJECT OF a 100 PAINTINGS and installed them as characters of the morse-alphabet, the letters are a message to the Berlinische Galerie to congratulate them for their opening of the new home in the Alte Jacobstraße:

.-.-. --..-..--..-.-..-.- -..-. -.--.
AR    GRATULIERT          DER   BG

1 piece with a vertical colourstrip means: Short .
2 pieces with a horizontal colourstrip mean: Long -

Short pause: between the tact
Long pause: between the words

From the phonetic alphabet a tact of 58 paintings results. They go around the walls of the auditorium in a double row, SHORT bottom row, LONG upper row.
Each painting is carrying the same kind of ductus, which is a yellow, red or green colourstrip crossed by an ultramarine one. The marks of the brushes give the individual character to each one.
For the sake of the composition in the auditorium, I decided to let RED dominate and took from the PROJECT OF a 100 PAINTINGS 32 "red ones", 19 "yellow ones" and 7 "green ones".
BG "yellow-red" is to be found on the front wall of the room and gives the colourmanagement for the other 3 walls, opposite "red" is "yellow" and vice versa, only AR in "green" is different. Above this there are exceptions, in order to activate the colour spaces. Trough the tacting and colour choice results a rhythmic pattern of types of pictures, such as, singlepicture, diptychon, triptychon and series.
The colourstripes join together by jumping over the spaces to become ONE.

Angelik Riemer
Berlin, August 18, 2004

Angelik Riemer
100 paintings, each 100x100 cm; 55 "yellow ones", 36 "red ones", 9 "green ones"
Eggtempera on canvas
Created from Sept.1999 to Sept. 2000
In possession of the Berlinische Galerie
Measurement of auditorium:
L 18,05 m x W 14,50 m x H 6 m
Measurement of frieze with 58 paintings, each 100 x 100 cm:
L 58 m plus spaces inbetween, each 3 cm for paintings, each 50 cm for pauses between words
H less than 2 m, because the lower row is grapping into the upper row in order to join the paris-blue squares.
Long walls: Each have 16 paintings. Short walls: Each have 13 paintings

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